warn user if original module already loaded

Gary_Lerhaupt@Dell.com Gary_Lerhaupt at Dell.com
Wed Oct 26 21:30:14 CDT 2005

Advisory  messages like this shouldn't be problem.  Next time I get
around to changing something, I'll see what I can do.


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> Subject: RFE: warn user if original module already loaded
> Clearly, having dkms unload the original module and replace 
> it with the updated one is a non-starter, since this could 
> potentially be very disruptive to the system. However, would 
> it be possible to detect the case where:
> * a dkms module package contains a replacement for an existing module,
> * that module is already loaded in memory
> and then issue a warning that unloading the original module 
> may be necessary before the updated one will work (which may 
> in some cases require a reboot)?
> Paul.
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