RFE: warn user if original module already loaded

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Mon Oct 24 09:31:12 CDT 2005

I just had an email from someone struggling with the dkms 
kernel_ppp_mppe package; this package contains a "new" module 
(ppp_mppe), which depends on a modified version of a regular kernel 
module (ppp_generic), also included in the package.

The problem came from having the original ppp_generic module loaded at 
the time the kernel_ppp_mppe package was installed; whilst the original 
ppp_generic module was replaced properly on disk by dkms, the version in 
memory was still the original version, so loading the ppp_mppe module 

Clearly, having dkms unload the original module and replace it with the 
updated one is a non-starter, since this could potentially be very 
disruptive to the system. However, would it be possible to detect the 
case where:

* a dkms module package contains a replacement for an existing module,
* that module is already loaded in memory

and then issue a warning that unloading the original module may be 
necessary before the updated one will work (which may in some cases 
require a reboot)?


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