Strange thing related to "install_tree" of framework.conf

John Lau cflau at
Thu Apr 28 21:48:19 CDT 2005


I found a strange thing happens after I have changed the "install_tree"
to /var/tmp/dkms-root/lib/modules in framework.conf. 

When I build the driver, dkms will report it can't find kernel source
code in "/lib/modules/<kernel-ver>/build". But I can properly find the
kernel source code in there. And if I add "--
kernelsourcedir=/lib/modules/<kernel-ver>/build" it will be ok to build

So I guess it is because I change the "install_tree" to /var/tmp/dkms-
root/lib/modules, so dkms actually finding the kernel source
in /var/tmp/dkms-root/lib/modules/<kernel-ver>/build and not success but
it shows it found in "/lib/modules/<kernel-ver>/build".

Best regards,
John Lau

John Lau Chi Fai
Cluster Technology Ltd.
cflau at

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