No more make dep for Red Hat kernels
Wed Oct 29 17:14:00 2003

DKMS 0.41.10 is available at	

Thanks to the work of Matt Domsch, there is now a Red Hat kernel preparation
routine which removes the time consuming make dep stage for module builds on
Red Hat kernels. In order to utilize this improved process, you kernel
sources must be in a pristine state as delivered by the Red Hat
kernel-source RPM (they've never had make dep or make mrproper run on them).
So, if you've previously used DKMS for a kernel, you'll either have to
reinstall your kernel source, or stick with the "General" preparation
routine as before.

Other changes in the latest release:

* Moved dkms from /sbin/dkms to /usr/sbin/dkms

* Added /usr/sbin/dkms_mkkerneldoth to enable the quicker Red Hat prep

* Fixed a bug in dkms_autoinstaller which was causing it not to run

* Fixed a bug during uninstall where original_modules were not actually
getting reinstalled even though it told you they were

* Fixed DKMS to unset all arrays before using them.

* Changed expected driver disk file "module-info" to "modinfo" in order to
support legacy Red Hat driver disk formats

* Fixed mkdriverdisk such that it actually copies the rhdd-6.1 file into the
driver disk image

* Kernel makefiles are no longer edited during kernel preparation. Instead
KERNELRELEASE=$kernel_version is passed to make commands.

* Removed the unnecessary depmod during uninstall of a module
Gary Lerhaupt
Dell Linux Development