Rewriting DKMS in C/C++?

Cyril Bortolato
Fri Oct 3 01:53:00 2003

Hi Gary,

have you considered rewriting DKMS in C or C++? I can
think of a few benefits:

- ability to translate DKMS messages (i18n for short)

- access to libxml2 library. You could change the dkms.conf
   format to be XML:
   - this would enable module authors to validate the
     dkms.conf they write easily
   - this might make it easier to version the dkms.conf
     format (or better said, the "XML vocabulary")

- some people might be reluctant to hack a 1800 lines
   bash script :-)  but might not mind if it's C/C++ code.

- access to debuggers (AFAIK there's no bash debugger)

- ability to ship DKMS as a shared library that gmodconfig
   can link to :-)

- opens up the possibilities of bindings to other languages.

Perl might be an option too. What do you think?