Getting module name and version from a DKMS package

Cyril Bortolato
Fri Oct 3 01:35:00 2003

thanks for making those changes to DKMS. I have updated the
gmodconfig code to support both DKMS-enabled RPMs and tarballs.

Could you please update the qla2x00-clariion_dkms-v6.04.00
tarball? I can't install it using DKMS 0.40.11, the dkms.conf
needs to be upgraded.

Actually do you intend to version the dkms.conf format to help
support future format changes?

Cyril wrote:
> The latest DKMS
> ( has
> implemented the requested "unpack" command.  Actually, though, I just
> integrated unpack into ldtarball.  Now you can simply call `dkms ldtarball
> --archive=/path/to/tarball.tgz` and DKMS will scan the tarball for a
> dkms.conf.  If it finds one, it will unpack that tarball, load it into
> /usr/src/<PACKAGE_NAME>-<PACKAGE_VERSION>/ and add it to the DKMS tree.  If
> no dkms.conf is found, it won't do anything.
> In order to accomplish this, I had to re-architect and improve how mktarball
> works.  Any tarball made with mktarball is now distinguishable from everyday
> tarballs as its base directories will now include the ./dkms_main_tree/ and
> ./dkms_source_tree/ subdirectories.  If ldtarball sees these, it will do its
> magic, load the pre-built modules within the archive and will leave it in
> the built state.
> I think gmodconfig should be able to handle tarballs quite nicely now.  Let
> me know if you have other requirements.
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>>Actually this is another issue I'm facing. DKMS expects the
>>sources and the dkms.conf file to be under /usr/src/<pkg>-<version>.
>>I can copy the dkms.conf file contained in a DKMS package to
>>/usr/src/<pkg>-<version> all right.
>>But how about the sources? Can I assume there's only one tar
>>gzip'd file in a DKMS package, and that this file contains the
>>module sources?
>>Then I can run: tar zxf <source tarball> -C /usr/src/<pkg>-<version>
>>to get the sources in the right place. However if the sources
>>tarball contains a subdir then it'll be created under
>>/usr/src/<pkg>-<version>. Is is safe to assume that the module
>>author will have written the dkms.conf file accordingly, i.e.
>>that the MAKE=<command> in the dkms.conf will take care of
>>cd'ing into the proper subdir under /usr/src/<pkg>-<version>?
>>Perhaps by adding certain conventions like e.g. the name of
>>the sources tarball contained in a DKMS package, it would be
>>easier to implement something like an "unpack" command?
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