Smarter way of adding alias entries to modules.conf ?
Mon Nov 17 14:36:00 2003

> This is what Red Hat's kudzu pcitable is for; I suggest we 
> borrow content 
> from that (we already do for generating the Red Hat driver 
> disk via DKMS) 
> which is PCI IDs (far more valuable than lspci marketing 
> names) to decide 
> if hardware is present.  Also, encourages driver writers to use
> pci_device_id tables in their driver so this list of IDs is 
> automagically 
> obtained from the driver itself.

What seems like the best solution from what we discussed is to only edit
/etc/modules.conf if you can grep out a reference for your module from
/lib/modules/<kernel-version>/modules.pcimap which has a corresponding value
which can be found in lspci -nm.  If this match is found, then the hardware
exists in your system, and thus changes to modules.conf should be made as
specified in the dkms.conf.

However, since this is a rather large undertaking and since we are trying to
stabilize at this time, it will have to wait.  Currently, we'll have to live
with DKMS brute-force editing modules.conf when you install your module even
if the hardware does not exist.