Smarter way of adding alias entries to modules.conf ?

Matt Domsch
Fri Nov 14 08:22:00 2003

> I know we discussed on adding a dkms.conf variable, say DEVICE_MATCH
> which will contain a *unique* string that DKMS will look for (via lspci
> or in /proc or somewhere reliable) and if it finds that and *only* if it
> finds that would it add entries to the /etc/modules.conf.

This is what Red Hat's kudzu pcitable is for; I suggest we borrow content 
from that (we already do for generating the Red Hat driver disk via DKMS) 
which is PCI IDs (far more valuable than lspci marketing names) to decide 
if hardware is present.  Also, encourages driver writers to use
pci_device_id tables in their driver so this list of IDs is automagically 
obtained from the driver itself.


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