issues in 1.00

David Kewley
Tue Dec 9 15:34:01 2003 wrote on Tuesday 09 December 2003 10:03:
> Fixed.  You'll see this in the next release.


> > 2) I would argue that dkms should put its state files in
> > /var/lib/dkms/, not
> > in /var/dkms.
> >   Such directories should only be added if they have some system-wide
> >   implication, and in consultation with the FHS mailing list.
> Though we did not consult the FHS mailing list, I believe DKMS fits the
> case of "some system-wide implication".  As DKMS is used for maintaining
> modules/versions across your system and across kernels, I think this is
> correct.  Further, /var/lib would also not be optimal as it suggests that
> it is used for system state information, while the /var/dkms tree is used
> during dkms build to actually build your module.

Maybe, maybe not.  I'm still not all that clear on what separates "state" data 
from "non-state" data, nor what separates "system-wide" versus 
"package-specific" data.  In RHL, there is /var/www and /var/ftp, which are 
not mentioned in the FHS, and are (to me at least) neither clearly 
system-wide nor package-state.

It might be interesting for you to have a chat with the FHS folks and see what 
they think. :)

> Thanks for your feedback.  Keep it coming...

Will do!  I'm on the list as of last night, so I'll keep tabs on whatever 
happens here.