[Crowbar] Dell Equallogic iSCSI LUNs with openstack environment.

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The latest documentation for EQL Cinder driver is at http://docs.openstack.org/mitaka/config-reference/block-storage/drivers/dell-equallogic-driver.html. That is for Mitaka release. Previous releases are also documented upsteam.
The driver and configuration have been verified for RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu distributions.
It is documented in their respective distros, as Adam stated.
Please, contact me directly, if you have any questions.
P.S. Adam, thank you for answering it.

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Gaurav Goyal wrote:
> Dear Dell Team,

I don't believe there is anyone from Dell still involved with Crowbar.
Also, this list is obsolete; the new list is:


> I am going to use Dell Equallogic iSCSI LUNs with openstack environment.
> Can you please share a document on how to proceed with this setup.

Equallogic is provided as a technology preview with SUSE OpenStack Cloud, which is based on Crowbar:


SUSE took over maintainership of Crowbar from Dell quite a while ago.
Full documentation on deploying SUSE OpenStack Cloud is contained in the above link.


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