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Mon May 19 16:58:06 CDT 2014

Crowbar project members,

The purpose of this note is to provide an update on Dell as it relates to the Crowbar open source project.

The Crowbar project originated at Dell in 2011 to address the issue of bare metal deployment and management of OpenStack, Hadoop, Ceph, and other emerging solutions.  Since then the project has grown in the number of individuals and companies who have backed it with contributions, community support, and end user enablement, and continues to evolve to address new technologies and use cases.  It has also undergone architectural improvements in architecture, documentation, and other areas, including the move the second generation OpenCrowbar architecture (originally known as "Crowbar v2").

After shepherding the project through two major versions, including the launching of new OpenCrowbar architecture, it is time for Dell to allow an independent open source community to take the reins of the Crowbar project.

While Dell will stop sponsoring engineers to be committing and supervising the project directly, we will remain in the community to help the transition and provide assistance for the community. Rob Hirschfeld, Crowbar founder and Dell Sr. Distinguished Engineer, remains the owner of the Crowbar project, and will continue to oversee its evolution.

For additional information on the Crowbar Project, we encourage you to contact Rob Hirschfeld at rob at zehicle.com<mailto:rob at zehicle.com>.

For any further clarification on Dell's perspective regarding Crowbar, please contact Steven_Stover at Dell.com<mailto:Steven_Stover at Dell.com>.


The Dell Engineered Solutions Team

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