[Crowbar] Crowbar2 Design, Planning & Synchronization Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays 10am & Thursdays 8am CDT (GMT -6)

Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com
Sun Jul 29 23:24:49 CDT 2012


Sorry for the long email - we want you to join us in making Crowbar awesome and here's your chance!

We're moving along on the Crowbar2 refactoring work (`/release/rails3anddb/master` branch for now) and it's time to start making it easier for you to participate if you are interested.

We are planning to start having TWO weekly community sprint meetings.  NOTE: Times can still shift depending on community input!  We are trying to a truly global community so we need your input.

The weekly design discussions will be on Tuesdays @ 10am Central (GMT -6).  The topics will be relevant to the coming sprint and we expect dialog.  The topics will be determined by Greg Althaus based on progress on the refactor.  You're welcome to contact him or the list with suggestions.

*        Voice & Screencast: https://join.me/dellcrowbar

*        Online discussion & notes on the http://crowbar.sync.in/sprintMMDD etherpads

*        Meetings will be limited to 1 hour.

The purpose of these meetings is to

*                 discuss/resolve design related to the refactor

*                 Document use-cases

*                 identify issues that need to be addressed in the next sprint

The weekly coordination meetings will be on Thursdays @ 8am Central (GMT -6).  We want to respect everyone's time and will strictly limit these to 1 hour.   This meeting is in between our internal sprint review and planning so we have flexibility to adjust our plans based on your input.  It is important to us that we make it possible for you to contribute and we need your input to make sure that you are not blocked!

The coordination meetings will be structured as follows (times approximate)

*        Voice & Screencast: https://join.me/dellcrowbar

*        25 minutes for review of current progress

*        10 minutes for feedback/adjustments on process and workflow

*        25 minutes for planning of next sprint

*        Online discussion & notes on the http://crowbar.sync.in/sprintMMDD etherpads

*        Identification of working groups for further discussion and coding collaboration

These meetings are the primary way that we will be making sure the community is not blocked by our development efforts.
The purpose of these meetings is

*        to synchronize quickly so that we can connect the people who should be collaborating

*        eliminate blocking items for Crowbar contributors

Of course, we will attempt to record and post all of these meetings.  If anyone wants to help with transcription - please post your notes to the wiki or etherpad!

Stay tuned!  We will likely announce additional meetings for community collaboration.

Talk to you on Tuesday!


PS: These are design meetings, they are NOT Crowbar training meetings.  Please consult http://bit.ly/crowbarwiki for links and videos about learning Crowbar.

Rob Hirschfeld
Principal Cloud Solution Architect
Dell | Cloud Edge, Data Center Solutions
blog robhirschfeld.com, twitter @zehicle
Please note, I am based in the CENTRAL (-6) time zone

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