[Crowbar] No Root filesystem found

Randy_Perryman at Dell.com Randy_Perryman at Dell.com
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So did that fix the install ?

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I have since changed the raid controller to 1 disk only.  /proc/partitions shows:  http://imgur.com/X4jYL

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Looking at what you set up, I see the RAID Controller reporting 6 Virtual Disks.  Did you configure one as the Primary Boot Volume in the RAID Controller BIOS?

-Randy Perryman

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can you do ctrl+alt+f2. access the terminal and get the output of /proc/partitions.


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Was not replying to all... Oops.  Here is my reply:

Here is the sequence of events...

1.     Power on server
2.     Server PXE boots
3.     Registers with the admin node
4.     I allocate the node.  I don't do anything but put in a name and a description.  No RAID config.
5.     The node continues loading some stuff then reboots.
6.     It PXE boots again.
7.     After it loads the system utilities, it bombs out with this error:  http://i.imgur.com/sOpkT.jpg
I've also recorded a screencast of this failure from the first PXE boot through.  You can see it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhQMUUgZc0U

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The normal flow shuld be an initial PXE boot of a CentOS image ('sledgehammer), at which point the node should wait to be be allocated before continuing.

Are the nodes being discovered by Crowbar, and the errors occur after allocation , or do the errors occur before the node is discovered?


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