[Crowbar] No Root filesystem found

Tim Leong tjleong at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 08:52:01 CDT 2012

I'm having an issue deploying crowbar on a physical node.  I have the admin
node set up and configured.  When I PXE boot my first managed node, it
boots the initial time, then reboots.  After that reboot, it PXE boots
again and I get one of 2 messages:

Partition disks
No Root File System
No rot file system defined


Failed to partition the selected disk
This probably happened because the selected disk or free space is too small
to be automatically partitioned

The first error happens on a Dell R815 with an internal RAID 10 on 4 disks.
 The seconed on a PE2950.

Anyone come across this?
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