[Crowbar] Separate, per barclamp locale files

Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com
Tue Jul 24 08:28:37 CDT 2012


You're right.  It looks like we can simply allow each barclamp to maintain its own file and I18N will handle the merge.

I'm working on a similar issue for navigation & DB migrations, I'll give it a test and see if we can make the change.


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is there a specific reason why all the locale additions are merged into the single en.yml file during barclamp_install?

Installing and uninstalling barclamps (independed of if that happens via a RPM/DEB package of from tarballs) would seem to be quite a bit simpler if every barclamp cloud just drop its own locale additions as a separate file into a specific directory (e.g. 
Uninstalling would just be a matter of delete that file again. This would get as rid of the error prone merge step in barclamp_install.

Merging everything into a single file is especially problematic when trying to package barclamps as rpms or debs as upgrading the crowbar- barclamp will just overwrite all changes to the main en.yml.

BTW, shouldn't the locale additions just be in a separate file in the barclamps from the beginnig, instead of having them as a separate section in the crowbar.yml?


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