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Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Mon Jul 16 15:25:17 CDT 2012

Sounds good!  In case you haven't already considered it, I can highly
recommend Texinfo as a documentation format:


It can generate high quality PDFs but also single- and multi-page
HTML, ASCII, DVI, PostScript ...

Gregory_Althaus at Dell.com (Gregory_Althaus at Dell.com) wrote:
> Yes, all good points.  We are working on a feature that makes this possible.  Right now our docs are in a word doc that gets converted periodically.  More on the doc feature soon.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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> Adam Spiers (aspiers at suse.com) wrote:
> > I will happily tweak the User's Guide if someone can let me know how 
> > to change it - currently I can only see a PDF.
> Is this something anyone can do within a standard pull request?  If not, there is a high risk that the docs will deviate from the code, especially given the number of branches we have.  The ideal scenario is that every commit contains both the code changes and corresponding document changes.
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