[Crowbar] dangerously misleading button text in Node Dashboard

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Mon Jul 16 07:57:16 CDT 2012

Adam Spiers (aspiers at suse.com) wrote:
> We had a case internally where a VM in a production cloud was lost
> because someone interpreted the 'Reset' button to mean just 'reboot',
> rather than 'deallocate the node by ditching its config, then reboot'.
> I think this is a dangerously easy mistake to make, and I am working
> on a patch to relabel the button to 'Deallocate' and make the
> confirmation text more explicit about the consequent action.
> Similarly, I'm relabelling the 'Delete' button to 'Forget', to clarify
> that only the node's records are deleted, not the node itself - if my
> understanding is correct, this button will cause rediscovery but not a
> rebuild.
> So if a future pull request containing these changes is unlikely to be
> welcomed, please let me know now ;-)

Here's the patch:


It also adds tooltips so that users can get a feel for what each
button does without having to nervously press it or read the
manual :-)

If nobody spots anything wrong with it in the next few days, I'll
submit a pull request.

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