[Crowbar] dangerously misleading button text in Node Dashboard

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Mon Jul 16 06:19:23 CDT 2012

Hi all,

We had a case internally where a VM in a production cloud was lost
because someone interpreted the 'Reset' button to mean just 'reboot',
rather than 'deallocate the node by ditching its config, then reboot'.
I think this is a dangerously easy mistake to make, and I am working
on a patch to relabel the button to 'Deallocate' and make the
confirmation text more explicit about the consequent action.
Similarly, I'm relabelling the 'Delete' button to 'Forget', to clarify
that only the node's records are deleted, not the node itself - if my
understanding is correct, this button will cause rediscovery but not a

So if a future pull request containing these changes is unlikely to be
welcomed, please let me know now ;-)

However whilst looking at this, another issue came to light: in Table
2-4 of the User's Guide, the Action for the Hardware Update button is
described as

  "Keeps the current configuration, but forces the node to reboot."

but then the 'Config Lost?' column contains a 'Yes'.  These two table
cells seem to contradict each other - is the config kept or lost?  I
suspect that the ambiguity lies in the fact that there are multiple
types of config for the node: Chef config, Crowbar config (via
proposals), and PXE config.  The table could also be made clearer by
adding an extra 'Rebuild?' column.

I will happily tweak the User's Guide if someone can let me know how
to change it - currently I can only see a PDF.


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