[Crowbar] Fred Releases (OpenStack & Cloudera) + Crowbar 2 updates - design brief Monday 7/16 @ 10 Central

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You're right that we planning changes that will enable to the community to work on Windows support.  While interesting, it's not on our team's work plan at this time.  However, you're welcome to take on that work on that as part of the project refactoring work to make sure that Windows use cases are addressed.

I don't have a good story on 1.x upgrades :(  It's a goal to make work in 2.x.


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Thanks for your great work! I am especially excited about heterogeneous / multiple operating system deployments. Any plan on Windows support? (the IPMI part must be hell, but chef supports Windows)

I have a quick question about upgrading to new crowbar versions too, what is the best way to handle upgrades? Is there any wiki/doc about upgrading/reinstalling cleanly the crowbar admin node?
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Crowbar community,

Today, we've officially wrapped up our work on Crowbar 1.4 (Fred) solutions Cloudera 4 Hadoop (cloudera-os-build) and OpenStack Essex (openstack-os-build)!  While we're officially moving back to focus dev on trunk, I suspect that will have patches and small items continue to flow into the Fred branch.

On the github trunk, we are now officially working on Crowbar 2.0.  That effort starts with a refactoring of the database, networking, configuration models, rails 3, and other items (details http://bit.ly/crowbar2 ).  During the refactor (next 9 weeks or so), the trunk will be unstable.  Please be advised that you should use Fred for stable builds and fixes.  I have written a lot about our plans and objectives on my blog.  Here's a summary of those posts: http://robhirschfeld.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/crowbar2-background.pdf

We would love to have you engage and help us during the refactor.  This Monday at 10am CDT, we're holding an open online brief of the refactor goals (see the refactor page).  This session will be recorded and available for later viewing.  We welcome your feedback about the design plans via our email list and skype channel (we cannot reliably monitor IRC).  We are working on a plan for weekly online briefings/discussions about the refactor and design.

NOTE: The goal of the refactor is to ENABLE features we want in Crowbar 2 not to complete them.  We want to regain stability ASAP and then go back to incrementally adding features.

We've been listening to your comments and I think Crowbar 2 will take this project to a new level of capability!

Thank you for being a part of our community!


PS: There is already an pending update to Essex Fred to fix a libvirt issue from Canonical's packages.

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