[Crowbar] Package updates using the provisioner (and a special added bonus)

Victor_Lowther at Dell.com Victor_Lowther at Dell.com
Fri Jul 13 08:36:44 CDT 2012

We just merged experimental support into the development branches for enabling package updates through the provisioner.

It allows you to tell the the provisioner and deployer barclamps that they should configure the nodes to pull packages from the same repositories that the ISO build process used to stage the packages.   This feature is experimental for now - we don't have a mechanism to exclude packages from consideration for updates, which means we have to rely on all of the sources we pull from having packages that properly manage their update stories.  See README.package-updates in the Crowbar repo for more information.

We have also merged in really experimental support for doing full cluster deploys without ever having to build a Crowbar ISO.  It leverages the support we added for package updates, but it requires a bit of manual setup beforehand and has never been tested outside of some VMs on my laptop.  See README.online-install in the main Crowbar repo for more information.

Happy hacking!

Victor Lowther
Dell CloudEdge Solutions
Continuous Integration and Build Automation Czar

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