[Crowbar] Warning: Deleted

Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com
Thu Jul 12 12:10:14 CDT 2012

You can't remove that line from the Available list - just ignore it for now.   It does not do anything.

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Rob, i appreciate your prompt response. I am assuming removing blank line should do it.

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This is an issue w/ IE related to a fix for a recent bug.  The bug was that if you delete a node that is listed in an existing proposal then the proposal shows a blank line.  The "Warning: Deleted" node line (hidden) is used to replace the blank line and in FF & Chrome.

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Hi There,

Has anyone seen "Warning: Deleted" under 'Available nodes' while creating a proposal?

--Anand Bhalve
Cadence Data Soft

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