[Crowbar] swauth seems to be broken / swift proxy not running after successful install

Plaetinck, Dieter dieter at vimeo.com
Wed Jul 11 16:43:59 CDT 2012

using openstack-fred2.iso,
i did the swift proposal and applied it successfully, d08-00-27-a4-69-f5 being my swift-proxy-acct node
however, the proxy doesn't seem to be running on the node, see http://pastie.org/4239589

Andi said this is not even supposed to work (swauth is not supported anymore?), because i just used the default swauth.
personally i would prefer no auth at all (we run this on our own network and are the sole user of the infrastructure), so
swauth is more simple than keystone (tempauth is supposedly even more simple but it doesn't seem to be available through the crowbar UI...)


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