[Crowbar] Barclamp deb/rpm packages and dependencies

Maxime Brugidou maxime.brugidou at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 04:52:57 CDT 2012


I'm starting to slowly understand how the build process gets all the
rpms/debs from the barclamps crowbar.yml file. Let me know if i'm wrong but
here's how i understood the process:

1. An build start (using build_crowbar.sh)
2. All barclamps listed in barclamps/ are added to the build
3. For each barclamp, the crowbar.yml file is parsed
  a. All necessary repos are added to the chroot
  b. All necessary packages (and deps) are downloaded
4. The iso will ship with all these packages included
5. The packages are served by the provisioner cookbook through a simple web

I am currently running centos 6.2 (I had to fix the epel URL by the way)
and my question is, how do you add new barclamps in this situation? I'd
rather have a "bare" ISO with the strict minimum and build my barclamps and
cookbooks independently. But i'd need to download some packages. I was
expecting the barclamp_install script to do that work of adding a
repository and downloading packages for me. Would it make sense?

Thanks for any help/advice
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