[Crowbar] Nagios / Crowbar does not recognize device not ready

Bryan Taylor btaylor at alpharender.net
Sun Jul 8 08:37:45 CDT 2012

I think Sagan would be a better solution. It's a syslog monitor with nagios type rules. I'm sure it can be done in nagios but you probably still need a fifo pipe on the logs. I read swift has some kind of hard drive error tool but it would be nice to have this at a lower level.


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casue nobody could replay to this questions:

we are starting to test fault tolerance and HA.

We simulate a typical dying harddisk wich in most cases start
with softrest failed (device not ready).

This is not recognize by Nagios. It does not recognize the error
messages at the node and not in the smart values. Does Nagios read the
smart values if smart is enabled in the bios of the node? I am not at
Dell Hardware i use gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H wich seems to be compatible
to Dell Mainboards/Bios cause i get the Bios values if i edit the Node
in Crowbar f.e. i can change Raid settings, or enable virtualization at 
the bios.

Not reading smart values of harddisk is really risky so do we need a 
barclamp for our hardware? Does it work at Dell hardware?



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