[Crowbar] Prebuilt ISO, cloudera-fred2 is not working

jongwooh jongwoohan at naver.com
Fri Jul 6 03:07:56 CDT 2012

Hadoop build ( cloudera-fred2.iso) now comes across kwalify (log shows me rubygem-kwalify is added to first yum run) and Chef server is up and running. But still do not bring up crowbar web ui.

this is /var/log/barclamps/crowbar.log

[root at fred2 barclamps]# tail crowbar.log 
INFO: Upload complete!
upload complete
WARNING: No knife configuration file found
Created data_bag[crowbar]
WARNING: No knife configuration file found
INFO: HTTP Request Returned 404 Not Found: Cannot load Databag Item bc-template-crowbar
Updated data_bag_item[crowbar::bc-template-crowbar]
WARNING: No knife configuration file found
INFO: HTTP Request Returned 404 Not Found: Cannot load role crowbar
Updated Role crowbar!

However I manually assigned crowbar role to admin node in chef-webui, then admin node goes through configuration and runs 'rainbow' through 'bluepill', which take up 100% CPU (78% user, 23% sys). Yet port 3000 do not give answer at all. This is same as last hadoop-fred.iso with manual gems fixes.

[root at fred2 barclamps]# sar
Linux 2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64 (localhost.localdomain) 	2012년 07월 06일 	_x86_64_(2 CPU)
                CPU     %user     %nice   %system   %iowait    %steal     %idle
Average:        all     72.83      0.00     27.13      0.02      0.00      0.02
Average:        all     77.60      0.00     22.38      0.01      0.00      0.01
Average:        all     75.22      0.00     24.75      0.01      0.00      0.01

I cannot inspect more what is blocking the rainbow because I could not find out where it is putting logs.
Please give a try on a VM and get this problem out.



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I did a new build of the OpenStack & Hadoop Crowbar ISOs (now *-fred2.iso) that seem to be working all the way to an OpenStack Nova deploy - I have not been able to launch a VM yet.  I am looking at Hadoop next.

I've also updated the "just build Crowbar" instructions on the wiki https://github.com/dellcloudedge/crowbar/wiki/Build-Crowbar.ISO so that they do not require dev tool.


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It stops installing crowbar after chef, with error in /var/log/install-validation.err showing missing ruby gem kwalify.
Tried installing kwalify manually from EPEL, but subsequent gems such as 'sass' etc are also missing.
I hope I could build Cloudera-hadoop+CentOS ISO myself but unfortunately I cannot build the ISO because cloudera repository is blocked from my place (can't get help from network guy)

Anybody have same problem?

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