[Crowbar] Changing crowbar default network settings.

Andi_Abes at Dell.com Andi_Abes at Dell.com
Thu Jul 5 08:44:07 CDT 2012

The error your seeing is actually temporary - it takes a bit for the crowbar application to startup, and it's attempted multiple time. It does eventually succeed on the 3rd try.
You will have issues if you're going to use swift - since the 192.168.125.x network is already used by the storage network.

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Hi there !

I am trying to change some default settings in order to have crowbar running in an different network than (in this case

All my tests are run in some kvms machine.

I have several networks to play with: to

I have installed  a system http://crowbar.zehicle.com/openstack-fred.iso

Once installed, i changed /etc/network/interfaces so the box ip is and rebooted.

I then changed
so the admin networks is (see attachement).

I then start the crowbar installation with:

cd /tftpboot/ubuntu_dvd/extra
./install crowbar125.mydomain.com

However, the installation fails (see attached error.txt). It looks like something is trying to connect to the wrong adress, so i am guessing i may have missed some steps.

- Can someone tell what i may have missed ?

- If i was to change all the other settings in bc-template-network.json without using any vlans, how can i tell crowbar that a given network is available on a given nic on the crowbar host ? Should it detect it automatically based on the local addresses associated to the nic, or is it something to set somewhere ?

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