[Crowbar] Openstack/Java Job

Neil Jubinville neil at orbitalsoftware.ca
Wed Jan 25 19:40:46 CST 2012

Hi Guys,  we have an immediate opening for a Java/Openstack guy  
(hopefully you have web/mobile experience too) .  We are about to scale 
up so it would be a pretty good opportunity for someone to get in on the 
ground floor.  We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Our economy 
here is all oil & gas; energy driven and it is _BOOMING_ and there are 
major opportunities knocking on our door.

We are passionate about the cloud and we are looking for someone who 
loves technology as much as we do and doesn't just want a paycheck 
(Although we know paychecks are important :).

We are going to change the world.   If you want to be part of something 
big, drop me an email.

I will reply personally in private regarding this...



      Neil Jubinville

Orbital Software Solutions Inc.
neil at orbitalsoftware.ca
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