[Crowbar] Two step install

DI Haselwanter Edmund Siegfried office at iteh.at
Wed Jan 25 13:53:38 CST 2012

Hi *,

I recently tried to remote bootstrap a crowbar admin node. So I attached the iso on the remote host 
wired through VPN to the bare metal server. The mechanism does work. Booting from it and waiting a 
very very long time got me to the login screen.

but the post-install failed.

So I wonder: Wouldn't it be nice to have a very minimal os install and kick of the post-install script after just e.g. 
ubuntu-cloud image.

What I would like to ask for is another interception point before the ./install admin.crowbar.org

This is one of several occasions were I will not be able to get to the bare metal server and wire it to a notebook (or hook up a cdrom)

cu edi

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