[Crowbar] Changing Crowbar Cookbook

Andi_Abes at Dell.com Andi_Abes at Dell.com
Thu Jan 19 16:22:59 CST 2012

Duh... sorry.

So, rabbit should be installed on the nova controller and on compute nodes if you have Nova HA networking on.

The steps you described should suffice (this time for real ;) ) to update a recipes.
However, most of the recipes are written to be idempotent - is your code by chance in a block that's conditionalzed in some way that would prevent it from executing?

(as a side note, if you do the pull thingie, it's an easy way to see the deltas and comment on them... so my previous answer is not totally not relevant...;)


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Thanks Andi,

I get the pull procedure, I'm just trying to test my changes before I setup a pull request. I updated the user.rb like I outlined below and then knife cookbook upload -o . crowbar and run chef-client, but my changes aren't showing up. Is there something else I need to do to get my changes to take effect?

-- Kevin

On 1/19/12 3:15 PM, "Andi_Abes at Dell.com" <Andi_Abes at Dell.com> wrote:

>You would have to create a pull request on git hub.
>To do that, create your own fork of the relevant repo, push your 
>changes into that fork and then create a pull request.
>Here are some guides:
>* http://help.github.com/fork-a-repo/
>* http://help.github.com/send-pull-requests/
>I'll add a page on the wiki about how to contribute... should probably 
>have had it.
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>Hey all,
>I found a bug in one of the OpsCode recpies... I updated it and was 
>trying to push it into place, but it doesn't seem to be updating. Here 
>is what I am doing (this is all on the crowbar admin node):
>Cd /opt/dell/barclamps/crowbar/chef/cookbooks
>Vi rabbitmq/providers/user.rb
><hack hack hack/>
>knife cookbook upload -o . Crowbar
>Then on the clients, I run chef-client and examine the output, but I 
>don't see my changes (I put some puts in place for debugging).
>Am I missing something? Is there another step I need to be taking?
>-- Kevin
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