[Crowbar] Router_pref backport

Andi_Abes at Dell.com Andi_Abes at Dell.com
Tue Jan 17 17:04:44 CST 2012

This sounds more a build issue, rather than something specific to the network bc.

Only thing I can come up with is - check your changes are still there, committed in git. The build script plays some hokey tricks with git, that might toss away uncommitted changes.

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I made the changes and then built a new iso, installed it, etc... But again, the only changes I made were in the network barclamp.

I can send you the output of the hashes if it would be helpful

On 1/17/12 3:54 PM, "Andi_Abes at Dell.com" <Andi_Abes at Dell.com> wrote:

>The network barclamp gets instantiated during admin node install time.
>Did you apply the changes you're describing on top of an existing admin 
>node, or did you build a new ISO + node?
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>Hey guys,
>I'm trying to backport the router_pref setting to the v1.2 release, but 
>I'm having some trouble. I've added the requisite code in the network 
>barclamp (basically, I checked out HEAD on that submodule and manually 
>copied it into place). It all seems to work, however in the network 
>hash router_pref isn't one of the keys. I've added it to the json and 
>schema, but it just isn't being built into the hash for some reason.
>Perhaps there is something else in the crowbar framework in the node 
>setup that I'm missing? Any ideas?
>-- Kevin
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