[Crowbar] Introduction / Cloud migration

Neil Jubinville neil at orbitalsoftware.ca
Mon Jan 16 13:16:37 CST 2012

Hello Everyone :),

My name is Neil Jubinville and I am currently running a openstack cloud 
in production - (small cloud :) ),  It has been stable with no hiccups 
for several months.   We are busy scaling it up now.  We provide 
business SAAS with HA built into our application layers so it affords us 
the ability migrate to new releases and expand without risk to client 
data or continuity.

As the company owner I have decided to build our new cloud with crowbar 
to standardize management and deployment.  Crowbar to me is a higher 
level of abstraction and has many advantages to me replicating 
successful implementations and eventually monitoring the health of my 

I have just purchased 2 new R710s to build into Diablo with Crowbar 
(while waiting for Essex) , then I plan to crowbar the old cloud in one 
node at a time.      My "OLD" cloud is Cactus and I need the following:

1) a migration plan.
2) a plan to protect my crowbar config/admin node   (since it is a VM on 
my laptop - Virtual box)

If you were building a separate cloud in a newer release how would you 
migrate the VMs/ Images from your old cloud?.

Early suggestions were to snapshot to Glance and copy them from the 
images folder to the new glance.  Then instantiate them in the new cloud 
(after of course replicating my projects/ networks)

I would like to know what other ideas there may be.  Is it possible to 
turn an old VM image into a bootable block device? for Diablo?

Ideally I want to move to self contained bootable block devices all 
self-contained with VMs only doing resource scheduling.

Looking forward to participating in this fast paced growing cloud culture!



      Neil Jubinville

Orbital Software Solutions Inc.
President & CEO/CTO
neil at orbitalsoftware.ca
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