[Crowbar] nic issue on IBM servers

Byron Pezan BPezan at secureworks.com
Fri Jan 13 08:28:02 CST 2012

i think you might need to edit either the preseed file or kickstart file depending on the OS you are deploying.  i’m dealing with something similar at the moment, except with hard drives for hadoop data nodes.  in my case (RHEL), i have to:

edit the kickstart template                                                                       - /opt/dell/barclamps/redhat-install/chef/cookbooks/redhat-install/templates/default/compute.ks.erb
reinstall the redhat-install barclamp                                                       - /opt/dell/bin/barclamp_install.rb /opt/dell/barclamps/redhat-install
tag the host in question for re-install                                                      - crowbar machines reinstall de8-9a-8f-74-48-24.domain.com
wait for the kickstart file to update from the template                      - watch ‘grep “new text” /tftpboot/redhat_dvd/redhat_install/compute.ks’
reboot the system for re-installation                                                      - grab coffee, pretend to be busy

as for how to tell the installation to use the default NIC instead of the USB NIC, that will depend on the OS.  for RHEL systems it’s the ‘network --device=eth1’ option in kickstart.  for debian/Ubuntu it appears that ‘netcfg/choose_interface select eth1’ might do the trick.

you may have to manually boot into an install / live CD to determine which eth* device corresponds to your default NIC in order to set the right device value.




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My IBM server has a usb0 nic, and it is used as default NIC instead of eth0 when Crowbar admin is installing OS. However, the usb0 nic is used for IBM administration and isn't connected to the physical network.
How can I modify Crowbar so that it wouldn't use usb0 as the default nic when installing OS?
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