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Gregory_Althaus at Dell.com Gregory_Althaus at Dell.com
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Before I turn into a pumpkin, we have some issues with default routes messing things up.  The release notes has some comments on it.  We are working on something to help with it.

Also, remember your security groups can get in the way.  The default is no-access.


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Hi all

Have successfully built Crowbar 1.2 and OpenStack via Barclamps, but am having issues with router settings and accessibility of some networking.

On p24 of "crowbar_deployment_guide.pdf" it states:


Public network for nova Virtual Machines

The nova-network node acts as a router. This must be completely owned by the nova system.



deprecated - most likely to be replaced by nova config.

Is this really broken, or is it working and doco is not quite in sync?

I am correctly getting IPs handed out to a Node, but cannot access either of the IPs handed out on the above two networks.

I have an externally provided router/gateway at (for "public" and "nova_floating") and also one at (for "admin" and "bmc").

See image I have created of the network at: https://mach.com.au/files/CrowbarOpenStackNetworking.png
(PS: if people like the image, I will upload it to the Crowbar wiki)

Are there any gateway/default route issues that may be complicating this I should be mindful of? I have not made any nova firewalling changes, still running via default install.

Many thanks for any ideas provided.

(I have found the doco and Rob's videos using a virtualised rig all on a laptop outstanding (and was able to successfully emulate all) - but moving up to more complex networking across real metal and real switches has not been as smooth)



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