[Crowbar] nova_fixed & nova_floating

Paul Pettigrew Paul.Pettigrew at mach.com.au
Thu Jan 12 22:33:02 CST 2012

Hi all

Have successfully built Crowbar 1.2 and OpenStack via Barclamps, but am having issues with router settings and accessibility of some networking.

On p24 of "crowbar_deployment_guide.pdf" it states:


Public network for nova Virtual Machines

The nova-network node acts as a router. This must be completely owned by the nova system.



deprecated - most likely to be replaced by nova config.

Is this really broken, or is it working and doco is not quite in sync?

I am correctly getting IPs handed out to a Node, but cannot access either of the IPs handed out on the above two networks.

I have an externally provided router/gateway at (for "public" and "nova_floating") and also one at (for "admin" and "bmc").

See image I have created of the network at: https://mach.com.au/files/CrowbarOpenStackNetworking.png
(PS: if people like the image, I will upload it to the Crowbar wiki)

Are there any gateway/default route issues that may be complicating this I should be mindful of? I have not made any nova firewalling changes, still running via default install.

Many thanks for any ideas provided.

(I have found the doco and Rob's videos using a virtualised rig all on a laptop outstanding (and was able to successfully emulate all) - but moving up to more complex networking across real metal and real switches has not been as smooth)



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