[Crowbar] Question regarding Swift and keystone as built by crowbar 1.2

Phil Rogers progers at iprimus.com.au
Wed Jan 11 22:25:53 CST 2012

Hi Guys


2 days ago I build a new crowbar 1.2 openstack iso off  github


The crowbar build went fine and I was able to build a full swift system on
virtual machines with 3 storage nodes and 1 controller node containing
keystone + proxy  + rings


Everything provisioned perfectly. 


All process on the proxy appear to be running fine


I did the following

keystone-manage tenant add tenant1

keystone-manage user add phil test123

keystone-manage role grant Member phil tenant1

Setup link for proxy connections to auth for swift

keystone-manage endpointTemplates add RegionOne swift \

 <> \

 <> \

 <> \

1 1


Proxy-server.conf as provisioned by crowbar



use = egg:keystone#swiftauth

keystone_url =


keystone_admin_token = 512375617141

<end snip>

I don't seem to be able to auth to the proxy

All services seems to be running ok

If I run

swift -A -U phil -K test123 stat

It returns

Account HEAD failed:, 412
Precondition Failed


In the manual I saw conflicting config using authtoken in proxy-server.conf



use = egg:keystone#tokenauth

auth_protocol = http

auth_host =

auth_port = 35357

admin_token = 999888777666

delay_auth_decision = 0

service_protocol = http

service_host =

service_port = 8100

service_pass = dTpw

cache = swift.cache



use = egg:swift#memcache

set log_name = cache



use = egg:swift#catch_errors

IN THE MANUAL  <http://keystone.openstack.org/index.html> Keystone
v2012.1-dev documentation

There example references port 5000

$ swift -A -U joeuser -K secrete post container
$ swift -A -U joeuser -K secrete stat -v
Auth Token: 74ce1b05-e839-43b7-bd76-85ef178726c3
Account: AUTH_1234
Containers: 1
Objects: 0
Bytes: 0
Accept-Ranges: bytes
X-Trans-Id: tx25c1a6969d8f4372b63912f411de3c3b


I am getting very confused as to what is correct I used to use port 8080 on

Does anyone know what is correct I am struggling here











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