[Crowbar] [SPAM] RE: Skype Chat - send "barclamp" to "DellCrowbar" to join

Gregory_Althaus at Dell.com Gregory_Althaus at Dell.com
Wed Jan 11 21:49:59 CST 2012

Sorry.  We try to get on that, but that is blocked by corporate firewall policy.   When I was on it over Christmas break, I was at home on my couch.

In bizarre twist, skype currently is not.


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What about using http://webchat.freenode.net/?
On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 8:18 PM, <Rob_Hirschfeld at dell.com<mailto:Rob_Hirschfeld at dell.com>> wrote:

We've been unable to get access to the IRC from inside Dell so I'd like to propose an alternate solution.  I've created a "DellCrowbar" skype account (which is allowed).  If you contact me with the word "barclamp" then I will add you as a contact and include you in the Crowbar 1.3 group.

As an experiment, I'm suggested that we can use this as an IM channel.  Depending on how it works, we may be able to commit to longer term use.

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