[Crowbar] Node Grouping on Dashboard (+ partial on Alias)

Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com Rob_Hirschfeld at Dell.com
Mon Jan 9 00:20:01 CST 2012


We're nearly done with the Alias feature so that you can set more friendly names in the Crowbar UI.  You can set an alias already, but the pages have not been reset to use the alias yet.

As part of that change, we also enabled you to setup the groups that are used in the dashboard.  The system default for these groups is to use the switch mac address.  However, you can override this value by setting the node's group from the node edit page.  You can also create a new group (top right) from the dashboard page and then _drag_ the node into that new group.  Once you have some groups, you can drag and drop the nodes into the groups displayed.  I'm excited about the usability created by this feature :)

Note: it is also possible to _pre-populate_ your nodes' alias, description and group using the db/node_description.yml file.  If you are working on the same nodes over and over again or know MACs in advance, then this is a very handy file to drop into your install.  There is an example file for reference.

NOTE: Drag & drop requires HTML5, so it does not work on IE8 and below.  Sorry.

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