[Crowbar] Allocate Issue

Victor_Lowther at Dell.com Victor_Lowther at Dell.com
Thu Jan 5 10:28:31 CST 2012

If you are building from the v1.2 tag, you should not be getting iPXE at all -- I added that feature after the 1.2 release.  When you did the build, did you remember to run a git submodule update after checking out the tag to point all the submodules at the right commits?

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Hey guys,

I built an iso from the v1.2-openstack tag in github. I allocated the admin node and fired up a couple of machines which went into the sledgehammer waiting loop just fine. When I allocate them, however, the install seems to be hanging. The machine reboots and gets pxe, but then just hangs. Because a picture is worth 1000 words, this is what I'm seeing (Ips and MACs are blocked out):


Any thoughts?


-- Kevin

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