[Crowbar] Support for multiple Nova zones

Andi_Abes at Dell.com Andi_Abes at Dell.com
Wed Jan 4 19:52:01 CST 2012

You are right that there's no explicit support for  nova zones  - zones in nova can be used for lots of different reasons (as the page you're pointing to lists). And as opposed to swift, where zones are integral to the operation of the system, for nova they're mostly optional.

I'm curious what you're trying to achieve w/ zones in nova?

All that said and done, you could probably achieve a multi-zone nova deployment with crowbar. Crowbar allows you to deploy multiple clusters of any openstack component - you would deploy 2 independent nova clusters, and then link them in a parent-child relationship.

You would need to futz with some of the configuration to add capabilities and use a zone aware scheduler..... all based on the page you referenced.
I'd be interested to hear of your experience.

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I was asked to setup child zones and test that on my crowbar openstack test deployment. But when I read the Zone documentation here:
It states:
"At the very least a Zone requires an API node, a Scheduler node, a database and RabbitMQ."

It occurs to me that I've not seen anything in the Nova barclamp to setup zones, like there is in the Swift barclamp. Has anyone done this? Is it possible with Crowbar?

-Chris Sanburn
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