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You will need to configure the raid controller to present disks to the operating system by hand.   The open source version of crowbar doesn't comprehend raid configuration.  Depending upon the node's intended use, we recommend different things.  For admin, nova controller, nova compute, swift proxy and hadoop name and edge nodes, we suggest a single disk with Raid 10 or Raid 5 (leaning to Raid10) depending upon your tolerances.  For swift storage and hadoop data nodes, we recommend JBOD mode.  Crowbar knows how to format and add all the single disks to the Swift storage and HDFS environments.

We are trying to decide what to do with our Raid barclamp.  It currently works with a couple of LSI controllers on Dell hardware.


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I've installed Crowbar 1.2 (Openstack) from the ISO download and all looks good.  When I boot up my first node it is detected and listed correctly apart from it is not showing any hard disks - the node is an IBM xSeries 3850 with a ServeRAID-8i controller - should I configure the controller to just use the individual disks or can I use the RAID controller to manage an array?

Neil Cowles
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