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Welcome to, a mailing list service of the Dell Linux Engineering team. We encourage you to buy a system running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Server or Ubuntu that fits your needs.

Please see our list of available mailing lists and join any that you wish. Our highest traffic list is Linux-PowerEdge.

RSS Feeds are available for several lists. See the rss directory for the feed files.

Although these mailing lists are a good place to discuss and attempt to resolve technical issues, they should not be considered a substitute for contacting Dell through our technical support staff so that we may log your issue and attempt to provide you with a resolution for your unique configuration or situation. If you are experiencing any technical issues with your Dell system, please contact Dell's technical support staff by visiting our E-Mail Dell site.

All mailing lists are filtered for spam. Please send messages as plain text, no attachments. Messages from nonmembers, HTML messages and messages containing attachments are filtered, and will be deleted without warning and without going to the lists.

For issues pertaining to the mailing lists or archives on, please send email to: mailman at lists dot us dot dell dot com.